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 NEW BOOK: More Stories Elgin, Etc. 

A series of small town "Behind the Scenes" stories written by Elgin residents.


Contact staff at the Elgin Depot Museum at 512.285.2000, or stop by the museum at 14 Depot Street to purchase a book for $19.95!


You'll learn the answers to these questions...and more!

  • How did Veteran’s Park come into being?

  • What did Elgin have to do with the integration of the University of Texas?

  • In the original streets of Elgin, what was the purpose of the alleys?

  • Why did Elgin have a camel farm near Hogeye?

  • Why is the highway between Elgin and Bastrop known as the 10th Mountain Division Memorial highway?

  • How did the rivalry between Elgin and Manor escalate?

  • What former Elginite was Librarian of Congress and Director General of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)?

  • How did Meyer’s Sausage originate?

  • Elgin had a man who drew a white bean with the Meir Expedition. What does this mean?

  • Where were Elgin's baseball fields located?

  • Why was Camp Swift developed?

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