MUSEUM & VISITOR CENTER, 904 Main Street, Bastrop, Texas

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Since its establishment in 1952, the Museum has worked diligently to collect and preserve materials and documents relating to the history of Bastrop and Bastrop County. Our archives, collections and exhibits attract historians, genealogists, writers, families and students. 


Artifacts span more than 200 years from when Native Americans foraged widely through the area to the latter part of the 20th Century.  Documents vary from the 1834 Ayuntamiento of Mina (Bastrop County), to letters written in 1967 by local residents who successfully prevented the removal of the remains of Governor Joseph Sayers from Fairview Cemetery in Bastrop to the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. We are preserving our collections for future generations by handling them with care, knowledge and respect. Thanks to a Historic Museum Grant from the Texas Historical Commission in 2008, our archives are now stored in acid free materials.


Click here for more information about the Museum & Visitor Center of the Bastrop County Historical Society.

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