Minutes of September 13, 2018

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

BCHC20180913_140134 copy.jpg

Bastrop County Historical Commission members and guests gather at the Sept. 13 meeting.

Front row: Sydna Arbuckle, Merle Rother,

Audrey Rother, Judy Davis; Middle row: John Smith, Linda Hicks, Sandy Murphree, August Fuchs;

Back row: Debbie Wahrmund, Donna Snowden

and Cindye Ginsel.

Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC) meets in Elgin


It was the quarterly meeting of the Bastrop County Historical Commission whereby all the leaders of the county museums come together to discuss projects and events in their respective locations.


I. Roundtable - All attendees introduced themselves.


II. Historical Marker Update: Bastrop BCHC chair Cindye Ginsel began the meeting with an update regarding the various historical markers in process. She announced the Texas Historical Commission (THC) has approved the inscription proposed for the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery near Elgin.


Linda Hicks of the Siloah Cemetery Association provided an update regarding the association’s work toward a historical marker for the Siloah Cemetery just off Wolf Road in McDade. The inscription provided by the THC was modified and the BCHC is awaiting approval of the changes.


In addition, Ginsel reported Galynn Fogle of the Rosanky Cemetery Association has submitted all necessary documents to the BCHC toward a historical marker. According to Ginsel, Dave and Carole Anderson of Rosanky have invested $100 toward the marker. The $100 is cover the application fee toward the marker. “The cost of a marker on a stand is either $1,100 or $1,800, depending upon the size,” said Ginsel. Fogle, along with the Rosanky Cemetery Association will begin fundraising efforts toward the purchase of a marker following submission of the application.


III. Baron de Bastrop Illustration: Following a roundtable discussion of various topics,

McDade Historical Museum curator Audrey Rother unveiled a 1930s illustration her cousin

had purchased at an auction for $400 and would like to donate to the Bastrop County

Historical Society (BCHS) in the near future.

IV: BCHC Finances: Cindye reported the BCHC has $9,991.07 in its bank account at

Roscoe Bank. (BCHC issued a check for $100 to THC for Rosanky application and was

reimbursed through a $100 donation for the Rosanky Cemetery.)

V. Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.


The next meeting will be December 13, 2018.


Audrey Rother, McDade Historical Museum curator, allows BCHC members to take a peek at the original illustration to be presented to the county’s museum in Bastrop while Sandy Ott of Elgin and August Fuchs of McDade look on.