Minutes of December 14, 2017

December 14 Quarterly Meeting Attendees: Left to right: Sandy Murphree, Donna Snowden, Mikki Meyer, Linda Hicks, Ora Koehler, Judy Davis, Sandy Ott, Audrey Rother and Cindye Ginsel. 

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

I. Welcome and Roll Call – In attendance were Judy Davis, Cindye Ginsel, Mikki Meyer, Sandy Murphree, Sandy Ott, Audrey Rother, Donna Snowden. Guests included Linda Hicks of McDade and Ora Koehler of Paige.


II. Roundtable – Cindye welcomed the Bastrop County Historical Commission members and began the roundtable. Each person spoke to their activities. Audrey reported the McDade Historical Museum has welcomed some new volunteers! Judy brought copies of a new book,        More Stories: Elgin Etc., as well as the first book and sold several copies. Mikki introduced her friend, Ora, a guest. Donna reported good attendance at the recent Christmas party held at the lovely Rivers' home. Cindye provided a brief overview of the Adventure 290 program which includes Elgin, McDade and Paige and promised for send a link to the newly produced video. Cindye also touted new self-guided walking tours of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville, now available on Bastrop County's tourism website,, and praised Ann Helgeson of the Elgin Depot Museum for her help. Cindye announced the Historic Tree Coalition accepted Audrey's submission of the Ancient Oak in McDade.

III. Open Meetings Act – Cindye asked that anyone who had not yet viewed the Open Meetings Act to please do so and to send her a printed certificate, or let her know to print a certificate. According to the THC, this is a mandatory requirement in order to serve on the Commission. (


IV. Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery – William Angie Smith IV, according to Cindye, had requested help from the BCHC to pursue a historical marker for the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery near Elgin. There was one "hitch" in their plan -- the property owner will not allow the marker to be placed at the actual cemetery. Cindye reported Commissioner Bubba Snowden had granted approval, by letter, to allow the marker to be placed in the easement within one mile of the cemetery, on Red Town Road. Mr. Smith produced a well-written narrative about the cemetery and the photos required for the application. The application was submitted to the THC in early November. The THC has already responded with a request for $100, which Mr. Smith has paid. This is a good sign, according to Cindye, in that it means the application has been accepted and is under review. (Mr. Smith was not able to attend the meeting as his wife's mother is in hospice.)

(Click here for more information about the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery.)

Siloah CemeteryLinda Hicks of the Siloah Cemetery Association was in attendance to speak about Siloah, a historical cemetery near McDade. Linda penned a well-written narrative for Siloah Cemetery of McDade as part of an application for a historical marker, which was submitted to the THC in early November. She reported the THC has already responded with a request for $100, which, according to Linda,   has been paid. Cindye noted photographs of Siloah can be found on the website. (Click here for more information about Siloah Cemetery.)


Westbrook Memorial Gardens – Cindye reported Sandra Heater of Elgin had contacted her in regard to a historical marker for Westbrook Memorial Gardens in Elgin. Ms. Heater does not own the property, but feels the cemetery is worth of recognition. Donna volunteered to contact the property owner to ask if she would be interested in pursuing a marker. The BCHC would also like to provide recognition to the

Boy Scouts who, according to Ms. Heater, cleaned the cemetery.

The BCHC briefly discussed other cemeteries we might want to recognize to include Eagleston, Farmer, Youngs Prairie and Speir Cemeteries. Cindye reported Precinct 1 Commissioner Mel Hamner would like to pursue a historical marker for the war plane that sits in front of the Bastrop VFW near the entrance to Bastrop State Park. The BCHC approved assisting Commissioner Hamner in this endeavor in 2018.

V. THC Annual Report – Cindye asked those who oversee museums calculate volunteer hours for 2017 so that this information can be included in the 2017 THC Annual Report.

VI. BCHC Finances – Cindye reported the BCHC has an account with $1,865.62 at Roscoe Bank. There was discussion regarding the Wells Fargo CD worth $8K. It matures in April of 2018. Sandy M. suggested Cindye contact the various banks to determine which one offers the highest interest.

VII. Adjourn – After taking a group photo, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm. The next meeting will be March 8, 2018.