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Minutes of June 13, 2019

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!


Bastrop County Historical Commission members and guests gather at the June 13 meeting:

Front row: Audrey Rother, Sandy Murphree, Cindye Ginsel, Eloise Baker

Back row: Ken Moody, David Herrington, Pamela Jones, Faith Franklin, Beth Moody, August Fuchs, Anne Beck, Sydna Arbuckle and Judy Davis.

Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC) Second Quarterly Meeting

Members and guests met for the second quarterly meeting of the Bastrop County Historical Commission on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at the Bastrop County Courthouse Commissioners Conference Room.


I. Video: Bastrop BCHC chair Cindye Ginsel began the meeting with a short video with historical and current photos of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville which is now posted on the home page of the BCHC website:





































































Bastrop County Through the Years:  

Many thanks to the Bastrop, Smithville and Elgin Chambers of Commerce. Special appreciation to the Bastrop County Historical Society, the Elgin Historical Association, the Smithville Heritage Society and the McDade Historical Society Museum. Produced by Stan Ginsel. Music by Larry Seyer.


A close-up of the Sam Smith cabin drawing.

c. David Herrington presented Smithville's "Possibilities Mural" project. To view David's entire presentation and to see photos of the Possibilities Mural, click here

d. Ken Moody announced the 76th Annual McDade Watermelon Festival will be July 13, 2019 and will include a grand parade, fair booths and a car show. Be sure to attend this wonderful event.

e. Eloise Baker provided Cindye Ginsel with a revised list of those buried in the Wright Cemetery for use in pursuing a historical marker. These edits will be reflected on the project page of the BCHC website. Click here to read about the Wright Cemetery.

III. Update on 2017-2018 projects: Cindye provided a brief project update on past projects:

  • Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery, Elgin - William Angie Smith is awaiting approved historical marker. For more information regarding the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery, click here

  • Siloah Cemetery, McDade - Linda Hicks is awaiting approved historical marker. For more information regarding the Siloah Cemetery, click here

  • Leshikar Home, Smithville - Faith Franklin is awaiting approved historical marker. For more information regarding the Leshikar Home, click here

  • Rosanky Cemetery, Rosanky - Galynn Fogle is awaiting inscription from the THC. For more information regarding Rosanky Cemetery, click here

  • Paige School, Paige - August Fuchs is awaiting inscription from the THC. For more information regarding the Paige School, click here


IV. Update on 2019 projects: Cindye provided a brief project update on current projects:

  • Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church - Carol Snyder is working with the congregation to pursue an application for a historical marker. For more information regarding Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, click here

  • Wright Cemetery, Cedar Creek - Pamela Jones and Cindye are writing the narrative for the cemetery. For more information regarding Wright Cemetery, click here

  • Barnett Cemetery, Cedar Creek - Commissioner Mel Hamner has requested assistance in applying for a historical marker. For more information regarding Barnett Cemetery, click here


V. BCHC Finances - Cindye Ginsel

Cindye reported she had processed two invoices since the previous meeting: 1) Wix charged $96.00 to provide the BCHC website for the 2019-2020 term and 2) GoDaddy charged $118.64 to host the BCHC website for the 2019-2020 term. The current balance in the BCHC account at Roscoe State Bank is $9,626.43.

VI. VIDEO: Remembering Clyde Reynolds: A 1991 Interview with Clyde Reynolds by Jack Webb

After adjourning, Cindye let attendees know she found an old video Walter Purcell (now deceased) had given her years ago and played it for those who wished to remain to watch. 

Audrey shares an image of the Sam Smith cabin.


II. Roundtable: Meeting attendees went down the row to introduce themselves and provide a description as to their work with the BCHC or express their interest in various aspects of Bastrop County history. Highlights included: 

a. Judy Davis announced the upcoming board meeting for the Texas State Historical Association will be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

b. Audrey Rother mentioned the discovery of two pottery sites near McDade. In addition, she shared a drawing of the Sam Smith cabin, built in 1848, in Lee County. According to Audrey, Sam Smith was the son of John L. Smith whose cabin was across the road. Sam was the son of John L. and Hester Ann Smith, who were two of the first settlers in the area. John's headstone reads "first one buried here" and has a Citizen of the Republic of Texas medallion. 


A 1991 interview with historian Clyde Reynolds by Jack Webb: Clyde Reynolds served as a tax assessor-collector in Bastrop County for 25 years. Here he is interviewed by Jack Webb who, at that time, was an attorney in Elgin. Reynolds, 1912-2000, relays his memories of growing up in Bastrop.

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