Minutes of June 14, 2018

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

June 14 Quarterly Meeting Attendees: Front row: Linda Hicks (guest), Cindye Ginsel, Sandy Murphree, Maddie Clites (THC guest speaker).

Back row: Ken Moody (guest), Elizabeth Moody (guest), Anne Beck (guest), David Herrington, Audrey Rother, Faith Franklin (guest), Galynn Fogle (guest), Mikkie Meyer, John Sherman, Alexandra Sherman (guest), Judy Davis, Donna Snowden and Ora Koehler (guest). Not shown: Jason Lynch.

I. Welcome & Group Photo –  Cindye welcomed the Bastrop County Historical Commission members and guests who posed for a group photograph.


II. Roll Call – In attendance were Cindye Ginsel, Judy Davis, Mikki Meyer, Sandy Murphree, David Herrington, John Sherman, Donna Snowden and Audrey Rother. Guests included THC Certified Local Government Program (CLG Coordinator) Maddie Clites; Linda Hicks, McDade; Ken and Elizabeth Moody, McDade; Anne Beck, Bastrop; Faith Franklin, Smithville; Galynn Fogle, Rosanky; Jason Lynch, Smithville; Alexandra Sherman, Bastrop; and Ora Koehler, Paige.

III. Certified Local Government (CLG) Program - Cindye introduced Maddie Clites of the Texas Historical Commission (THC), who provided an overview of the CLG Program, which would benefit Bastrop County in obtaining grants not otherwise available. Maddie distributed folders which contained more information about the program including the criteria to be achieved and application forms.The City of Elgin is a CLG. The City of Bastrop has neared completion of the program.

IV. Current Projects - Cindye read the inscription proposed by the THC for the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery near Elgin. The date of 1822 will be corrected to 1832. Donna Snowden suggested the location of the oldest congregation in Texas be noted, which is believed to be Bastrop. Faith reported she had heard from the THC, that her marker inscription is now in the top ten. Linda has not heard from the THC regarding the Siloah Cemetery marker.

V. New Projects - Cindye reported two new projects in the works: Carol Snyder of Smithville has submitted an application to the THC for an Undertold Marker for Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church. Cindye also reported she had submitted an application for an Undertold Marker for the Post 533 F4D War Plane which now sits in front of the American Legion Hall in Bastrop.

VI. BCHC Finances - Cindye reported she was able to pull the cd from Wells Fargo Bank and deposit the money into the BCHC account at Roscoe Bank. As a result, the BCHC now has $9,991.07 in its bank account.

VII. Roads of Texas - As John had suggested the BCHC purchase the book, Roads of Texas, to assist the BCHC in identifying cemeteries and other historic properties in Bastrop County, Cindye asked him to be the keeper of the book.

VIII. McDade Historical Society Museum The McDade Historical Society Museum contains invaluable and irreplaceable historical documents and photographs which must be protected, but is low on funds; therefore Cindye asked for a vote to purchase lockable filing cabinets for Audrey's use at the museum. The BCHC voted unanimously to present Audrey with $250 so she may purchase cabinets with lockable drawers. (Click here to see the filing cabinets and shelving purchased with these funds.)

IX. Roundtable – Each attendee provided an update regarding activities in their community. Highlights include:

  • Galynn asked for assistance in pursuing a marker for a cemetery in Rosanky. Cindye said she would provide her with Faith's email address. (She will also send her Linda's contact information as both Faith and Linda submitted excellent narratives to the THC for markers they are pursuing.) The BCHC will serve as a collection point for contributions toward the marker.

  • David Herrington spoke of a new art mural planned for the City of Smithville, as well as a new display to contain a mastadon skull.

  • Mikki introduced Ora and said she has become quite helpful at the Paige Museum.

  • Linda complimented Audrey in regard to two events that had taken place at McDade, a ceremony at the Herron Cemetery and a high school prom at the McDade Museum, letting the attendees know what a valuable asset Audrey is to McDade.

  • Judy suggested other communities write books which contain stories written by residents as the two books they've published have helped to fund museum activities in Elgin. Judy also reported she asked to join the Texas Historical Foundation. Her membership is not yet officially approved, but she foresees no issues. (Congratulations, Judy!)

Maddie announced there will be a meeting Wednesday, August 1, in Gonzales from 9 am to 1 pm whereby Andrea Roberts of Texas A&M will speak on Bridging Diverse Organizations. Registration is free. Any interested parties should contact Cindye who will receive a link to register from Maddie.

X. Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm. Many thanks to Maddie Clites for her presentation on the CLG Program!


The next meeting will be September 13, 2018.