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Minutes of June 8, 2017

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

June 8 Quarterly Meeting Attendees: Front row, left to right: Mikki Meyer, Cindye Ginsel, Sandy Murphree; Back row, left to right: Jennifer Henderson, Audrey Rother, Carol Snyder, Judy Bergeron, Gerri Martinez, Rose Henderson, Adena Lewis, Betty Lynn Meyer, Ovon Goertz, Lt. Colonel Philip Kost. 

I. Welcome & Introductions –  Cindye welcomed the Bastrop County Historical Commission and guests. Each person introduced himself/herself and noted their area of expertise.


II. Roll Call – In attendance were Judy Bergeron, Rose Henderson, Cindye Ginsel, Adena Lewis, Gerri Martinez, Mikki Meyer, Sandy Murphree, John Sherman, Audrey Rother and Carol Snyder. Guests included Retired Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, Ovon Goertz, Jennifer Henderson, Christy Hunn, Betty Lynn Meyer, Melissa Middlebrooks and Lt. Colonel Phil Kost of Camp Swift.


III. Open Meetings Act – Judy and Gerri submitted a copy of their certificate noting they had viewed the Open Meetings Act video. The other commission members were asked to print their certificates to bring with them for the next quarterly meeting.

IV: Current BCHC Projects:


a) Mina Ward School – Retired Senator Barrientos provided an overview of efforts by Kay McAnally and others toward the establishment of an undertold story historical marker for the Mina Ward School to honor its place in American history as an early “battleground” for civil rights. Senator Barrientos requested the assistance of the BCHC to commemorate this event with a ceremony in September to include approximately 200 people. The historical marker, currently in production, will be located on the corner at the intersection of Main and Wilhelm Streets in downtown Bastrop. (The BCHC may need to meet prior to the September quarterly meeting to determine and/or finalize plans for the ceremony.)


b) Scott Falls at Camp Swift – Cindye recapped a visit to Camp Swift on March 22 to meet with Lt. Colonel Phil Kost and Kristen Mt. Joy, Cultural Resources Manager. Cindye, John and Christy Hunn of Keep Bastrop County Beautiful (KBCB) toured several historic sites: the Chandler family plot, the “Mexican” Cemetery, remnants of the Aussilloux cabin, and Scott Falls. Cindye reported Scott Falls is accessible to the public but is heavily overgrown and at that time, there was trash strewn about and graffiti on the stone of the falls. BCHC and KBCB hosted a clean-up event May 20 but found the area virtually void of trash. Sandy Murphree explained Stephen Kylberg’s Boy Scout Troop 520 of Elgin had made two trips recently to Scott Falls to clean up the area. All that is left is a pile of roof shingles.


Lt. Colonel Kost addressed the audience, letting them know Dr. Linda Brown, Texas National Guard Cultural Resources Manager at Camp Mabry, will spearhead a major overhaul of the area in September. She plans to have her crew remove the makeshift road leading into the area to reduce future dumping. They will clear the area of poison ivy/oak, reseed and install a picnic bench. Cindye asked the BCHC if they felt Scott Falls is deserving of an undertold story marker, and all agreed it is worth pursuing.


c) Center Union Community – Carol provided an overview of the work she, David Herrington and others are doing in regard to the Center Union Community historical marker. Carol reported she is in contact with David Collins Sr. who provided her with several attachments via email with information about the Center Union Freedom Colony. In addition, Commissioner Beckett is also in contact with members of the community in regard to a historical marker.


Carol said she felt the BCHC should postpone any research on Cunningham Cemetery as a member of the Cunningham Community is already actively working on obtaining a historical marker. For this project, we would remain in a support role.


V. BCHC Finances – Cindye reported the BCHC has an account with $1,865.62 at Roscoe Bank. She, Rose Pietsh and Adena Lewis are the authorized agents for this account. She has paid two bills from this account in creating the website (Wix: $96 for two years; Go Daddy: $58.27).


Cindye also reported the BCHC also has a CD with an unknown amount at Wells Fargo. The BCHC voted unanimously to allow Cindye Wolford Ginsel and Adena Lewis to serve as the designated and authorized signers for this account.

VI. Roundtable – Each attendee provided a quick update regarding events and programs taking place in their communities. Gerri announced expanded hours for the Rockne Museum, thanks to newly hired Ovon Goertz. Judy mentioned Smithville is about to tackle wayfinding.


VII. Adjourn – After taking a group photo, the meeting was adjourned at 3 pm. The next meeting will be September 14, 2017.

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