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Minutes of March 16, 2017

Top row - John Sherman, Karen Riles, David Herrington, Carol Snyder, Mikki Meyer, Sandy Murphree, Adena Lewis. Bottom Row - Donna Snowden, Judy Davis, Gerri Martinez and Cindye Ginsel. 

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

Welcome & Introductions – Judge Paul Pape welcomed the 2017-2019 Bastrop County Historical Commission and guests.


Roll Call – In attendance were Judy Davis, Cindye Ginsel, David Herrington, Adena Lewis, Gerri Martinez, Mikki Meyer, Sandy Murphree, Georgina Ngozi, Karen Riles, John Sherman, Donna Snowden and Carol Snyder.


Community Roundtable – Each member of the commission introduced himself/herself and gave a brief description of their involvement with history in their respective communities.


Texas Historical Commission directives and educational programs:


  • Open Meetings Act – Cindye provided an overview of the requirements of serving on a county commission including the viewing of the Open Meetings Act video. Commission members will print their certificates to bring with them for the next quarterly meeting.


  • Orientation video – For new members, Cindye provided a link to the THC orientation video for training:


  • THC request to update Bastrop County Museum information: Representatives from the Elgin Depot Museum, James H. Long Railroad Park Museum, McDade Historical Museum, Museum & Visitor Center of the Bastrop County Historical Society, Rockne Museum at Hilbig Park and the Smithville Heritage Society House Museum each went to the screen to note corrections. Mikki asked that the Paige Museum be included and so will add this information to the report to be provided to the THC.


  • THC webinars and meetings – A brief overview of THC programs included a mention of webinars and upcoming events such as a free webinar, “Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Earthquakes, Oh My: Creating Your Emergency Plan,” on April 19; the Texas Association of Museum’s annual conference in Abilene April 4-7; and the American Association of State and Location History annual conference in Austin September 6-9 with registration beginning in May.


Bastrop County Museums brochure – Members reviewed information regarding their respective museums to provide corrections and/or updates. Georgina noted there is now a $5 fee to enter the museum at the Museum & Visitor Center of the Bastrop County Historical Society.

BCHC 2017-2019 Work Plan – Members reviewed a rough draft of the work plan and provided suggestions. All agreed on the mission statement: “Encourage knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of Bastrop County’s past through the research, documentation and recognition of its notable historic sites.”


Current and future BCHC projects – Carol and David are currently preparing information so that BCHC can meet with the Central Union Community and Cunningham Cemetery. Karen asked that the BCHC consider pursuing a historical marker for the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church. Mikki asked that the Eagleston and Farmer Cemeteries near Paige be included on in the work plan. Carol suggested contacting Audrey for the full list of Bastrop County cemeteries.


Adjourn – After taking our group photo, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:15 pm.

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