Minutes of March 8, 2018

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

March 8 Quarterly Meeting Attendees: Left to right/top row: Cindye Ginsel, Callie White (guest).

Bottom row: Anne Beck (guest); Mikkie Meyer, Audrey Rother, John Sherman. (Photographer: Adena Lewis)

I. Welcome & Roundtable –  Cindye welcomed the Bastrop County Historical Commission members and guests and distributed the minutes from the December 14, 2017 meeting. There were no changes. 


During the Roundtable, Cindye reported the CHC Annual Report had been submitted on time. She also asked that everyone attend the special BCHC meeting on June 14, from 2 to 4 pm as Maddie Clites, Certified Local Government Coordinator for the Community Heritage Development Division of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) will attend to explain how Bastrop County can become certified in order to qualify for more grants.

Audrey Rother spoke on the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt the McDade Museum will sponsor on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Mikkie Meyer asked for assistance in obtaining a historical marker for the Eschberger Cemetery, which is located on private property. John suggested the BCHC purchase the book, Roads of Texas, to assist the BCHC in identifying cemeteries and other historic properties in Bastrop County. Cindye will pursue the purchase of a used copy at a cost of under $30.


II. Roll Call – In attendance were Cindye Ginsel, Adena Lewis, Mikki Meyer, John Sherman and Audrey Rother. Anne Beck of Bastrop and Callie White of Elgin were guests.


III. 2017 Successes  Cindye reported the Texas Historical Commission (THC) has approved all three applications submitted for historical markers in 2017. These include the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery on Red Town Road in Elgin, the Siloah Cemetery in McDade, and the Leshikar House in Smithville. The BCHC will organize small ceremonies at the local museums after the markers are received and placed.

The BCHC reviewed notecard and envelope samples from G&C Printing in Rockne. After some discussion, BCHC members approved the purchase of imprinted notecards and envelopes for $60 and stationery and business envelopes for $195.

IV. Wood/Beltran Building, Elgin – Cindye introduced guest Callie White who brought information and photographs she has collected toward a historical marker for her historic building, the 1895 Wood/Beltran Building in Elgin. She is seeking assistance from the BCHC in writing a narrative, which is a requirement for the marker application. (For more information about the Wood/Beltran building, click here.)

V. Post 533 F4D Warplane – Cindye reported Commissioner Mel Hamner asked the BCHC to look into a historical marker to acknowledge the Post 533 F4D Warplane on display in front of Bastrop's American Legion Hall. She will work on a narrative for an Undertold Story marker and asks for interested volunteers to assist. (For more information about the F4D, click here.)

VI. Website Pages for Area Museums – Cindye displayed the various new pages constructed to promote the following museums. Click each title to see the newly built page on the BCHC website:


She asks that all Museums review their page(s) and let her know if they would like any edits or additions and commented changes are easy to make.

VII. BCHC Finances – Cindye reported the BCHC has an account with $1,865.62 at Roscoe Bank. She also reported the BCHC owns a CD at Wells Fargo Bank worth approximately $8K and distributed a comparison of rates among Bastrop's area banks. After some discussion, Adena suggested the BCHC cash in the CD and open an account at the most competitive bank. The BCHC approved.

VIII. Adjourn – After taking a group photo, the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm. The next meeting will be June 14, 2018.