2019 Third Quarter Meeting, September 12, 2019


Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC) members and guests gather at the Sept. 12 meeting:

Front row (LtoR): Sandy Ott, Judy Davis, Cindye Ginsel, Amy Miller, Commissioner Donna Snowden

Back row (LtoR): Sandy Murphree, Pamela Jones, Linda Hicks, Mikki Meyer, August Fuchs, Ora Koehler, Carol Snyder, Ken Kesselus

Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC)
Third Quarterly Meeting
Thursday, September 12, 2019
Elgin Public Library, Elgin, Texas

The Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC) met on Thursday, September 12, 2019, at the Elgin Public Library, 404 N. Main Street, in downtown Elgin.


Elgin Community Development Director Amy Miller and Commissioner Donna Snowden accept a recognition award from the BCHC on Sue Beckwith's behalf.


Welcome - Cindye Ginsel welcomed attendees and introduced Ken Kesselus who will represent the Bastrop County Historical Society (BCHS) on the BCHC. Those present introduced themselves. 


City of Elgin Historical Preservation Plan - Amy Miller, community development director for the City of Elgin, detailed the new Elgin Historic Preservation Plan, recognizing those who have served on the committee, and invited all to complete a survey that will soon be sent to obtain feedback from stakeholders and residents. Once information is drawn from survey results, the committee will complete the plan for the city. Amy credited the City of Smithville for sharing their preservation plan.

Mary Christian Burleson homestead - Cindye spoke of Sue Beckwith's work to obtain a $150k grant from the Texas Historical Commission (THC) to repair the home of Mary Christian Burleson. She asked Commissioner Snowden to present Sue with a recognition plaque and to extend our appreciation to her for her hard work to save this historic structure. (For more information about the Mary Christian Burleson homestead, click here.)

Roundtable - Each member and guest shared information as to activities pertaining to their museums and communities.

  • Linda Hicks reported she had notified the Siloah Cemetery Association of the delay in receiving their historical marker.

  • Paula Jones reported the Saul Wright Cemetery is applying for a historic designation certificate and presented Cindye with an application signed by Mr. McDonald, the Wright Cemetery Association president and a check for $25, which Cindye will package, along with the narrative penned by Ms. Peggy Miller and photographs taken earlier this year for submission to the THC.

  • Mikki Meyer invited everyone to The Founder's Day Celebration to be held at the Community Center in Paige this Saturday. 

  • August Fuchs spoke of his work toward a historical marker to acknowledge the Paige Private School Society.

  • Carol Snyder provided an update regarding the progress on a new museum for Smithville to replace the building which was destroyed by arson. 

  • Commissioner Snowden announced her father will be inducted into the Elgin ISD Hall of Fame.

  • Judy Davis announced her brother-in-law, Ronny Arbuckle, will be inducted into the Elgin ISD Hall of Fame.

  • Ken Kesselus detailed the work of the BCHS and invited everyone to visit the museum see the temporary exhibit on the Freedom Colonies.

  • Sandy Murphree spoke about the Elgin Depot Museum and the Elgin Historical Association's efforts to raise funds.

Update on historical markers - Cindye

2019 projects:

  • Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church - Carol Snyder: Carol reported she is working with the church on an application for a historical marker.

  • Wright Cemetery, Cedar Creek - Pamela Jones: Pamela brought a signed application for a certificate to designate the Saul Wright Cemetery as historic, along with a check for $25 which will be submitted to the THC along with a narrative and photos.


BCHC Finances - Cindye led a discussion on how the BCHC can best use the $9,626.43 resting in a checking account at the Roscoe Bank. Rather than a cd, for now she will place $9k in savings and leave the remaining amount in checking.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:40 pm. Many thanks to Sandy Ott and the Elgin Public Library. Thank you all for coming!