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Minutes of September 14, 2017

Your Bastrop County Historical Commission stands ready to serve!

September 14 Quarterly Meeting Attendees: Left to right: Karen Riles, David Herrington, Carol Snyder, John Sherman, Gerri Martinez, Adena Lewis, Donna Snowden, Cindye Ginsel, Audrey Rother, Judy Davis. 

I. Welcome & Roundtable –  Cindye welcomed the Bastrop County Historical Commission members. Each person introduced himself/herself and spoke to their activities. Judy announced a second edition of a book filled with local stories will be available before Christmas for $19.95.

Donna and Audrey spoke to the need for volunteers. They would especially like to recruit members of the younger generation to participate in the work of our county museums. Discussion included ideas ranging from extra credit provided by area high schools for volunteer hours to schools assigning students to pen essays involving local historical figures.


II. Roll Call – In attendance were Judy Davis, Cindye Ginsel, David Herrington, Adena Lewis, Gerri Martinez, John Sherman, Karen Riles, Audrey Rother, Donna Snowden and Carol Snyder. Faith Franklin of Smithville was a guest.

III. Open Meetings Act – BCHC members Judy Davis and David Herrington submitted certificates noting they had viewed the Open Meetings Act video. The other commission members were asked to print their certificates to bring with them for the next quarterly meeting or send to Cindye via email. (


IV. The Leshikar Family – Cindye introduced guest Faith Franklin who told the story of the Leshikar Family and her work toward a historical marker for her home. Cindye reported the application is under review by the Texas Historical Commission (THC). For the story of the Leshikar Family, see Projects: The Leshikar Home.

V. BCHC Bylaws – Cindye distributed copies of the BCHC Bylaws. In the Bylaws, it states the requirement for officers to be elected by members of the Commission. Carol Snyder was elected Vice Chairman; Audrey Rother was elected Secretary; and John Sherman was elected Treasurer. Each will serve for the remainder of the 2017-2019 term.

VI. BCHC Finances – Cindye reported the BCHC has an account with $1,865.62 at Roscoe Bank. She, Rose Pietsh and Adena Lewis are the authorized agents for this account. She has paid two bills from this account in creating the website (Wix: $96 for two years; Go Daddy: $58.27). She also reported the BCHC owns a CD at Wells Fargo Bank worth approximately $8K. It matures in 2018.

VII: Current BCHC Projects:


a) Bastrop County Museum Guide – Members were able to take a supply of the new guide for use in their respective museums.


b) Mina Ward School – Cindye reminded members they are invited to attend the Mina Ward School Celebration and the Dedication of the Minerva Delgado Park September 23, 2017, from 10 am to noon at the Bastrop Convention Center.

VIII. Adjourn – After taking a group photo, the meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm. The next meeting will be December 14, 2017.

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