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SECTION 1. NAME: The name of this organization shall be the BASTROP COUNTY HISTORICAL COMMISSION.


SECTION 2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and preserve the history of Bastrop County.


SECTION 3. MISSION STATEMENT: Encourage knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of Bastrop County’s past through research, documentation, and recognition of its notable historic sites and through other appropriate activities, events, and programs.




SECTION 1. COMPOSITION: Membership shall be comprised of residents of Bastrop County who share an interest in and knowledge of Bastrop County’s history.


 SECTION 2. SERVICE: Members shall be appointed during January of odd-numbered years to serve for a period of two years. Additional appointments may be made by the county judge at any time, but any interim appointment will terminate at the end of the next odd numbered year. Reappointments may be made for additional terms.




SECTION 1. SELECTION: The Chair and members shall be appointed by the County Judge. Other officers shall be elected by the members of the Commission.

SECTION 2. TITLES: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


  1. The Chair shall conduct meetings, appoint committees, and direct activities.

  2. The Vice-Chair shall assume responsibilities of the Chair when he or she cannot serve.

  3. The Secretary shall keep a record of minutes and attendance of meetings.

  4. The Treasurer shall oversee financial affairs of the Commission.

SECTION 4. The Commission shall meet quarterly in Bastrop, the County Seat. When possible, meetings will be conducted at the Bastrop County Courthouse.





SECTION I: The Commission shall meet at least once a year in Bastrop, the County Seat. 


SECTION 2: All meetings shall conform to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.




SECTION 1. ESTABLISHMENT: Committees will be established from the list below and others as deemed necessary by the membership and will be appointed by the commission chair. Each committee will be chaired by a member of the commission and can include other citizens as well as members of the commission.


SECTION 2. The follow committees may be activated:


  1. Executive Committee composed of the officers and chaired by the commission chair.


2. Grants and Finance will be chaired by the treasurer and will review applications, propose budgets, consider funding sources, and make decisions regarding the disbursement of funds. This committee will comply with the following guidelines:

  • Comply with all sections of Article VI.

  • There will be checks and balances on everything financial. 

  • Any person receiving money must give a written receipt. 

  • If any cash is involved, a different person should accompany the deposit of funds. 

  • Each expenditure should require two signatures, both on the invoice and on the check. 

  • Credit card charges must be posted and audited by someone other than the person making them.

  • Implement the principle that “division of duties is key.”

  • All procedures must be set up to follow the money and generate regular reports to the entire Commission.


3. Historical Markers and Research Committee shall be responsible for all matters related to the Official Texas Historical Markers and National Register Listings.


4. Archives and Records Survey Committee shall work with elected officials of the county to record and preserve the county’s historical document

 5. Cemetery Survey Committee shall conduct cemetery surveys and provide this information to the County Clerk.

6. Heritage Awareness Committee will work to educate the public on the fragile nature of our archeological resources and the need to preserve such sites for proper research. It shall be responsible for encouraging active preservation and appreciation of local history to include ethnic-related contributions.


 7. The Historical Photo Survey Committee shall promote the preservation of our photographic historical records.


 8. Oral History Committee shall record and document living history by tape recording/video-taping both significant contemporary events and interviews.





 SECTION 1. The Commission shall prepare a budget accessible to the County Commissioner’s Court.


 SECTION 2. The Commission shall make available an annual financial report to the Commissioner’s Court and to the Texas Historical Commission.


 SECTION 3. As an arm of the county government, the Commission is exempt from paying income tax and need not incorporate as a non-profit organization.


SECTION 4. The Commission is exempt from paying state sales tax when transacting business in the name of the County.




SECTION 1. Parliamentary procedure will follow Roberts Rules of Order.


SECTION 2. A quorum shall consist of a majority of its members.


SECTION 3. These bylaws may be amended with thirty (30) days written notice to the general membership by a majority of those members.


SECTION 4. The Commission shall make an annual activity report to the Texas Historical Commission.

Bastrop County Historical Commission Bylaws 2017


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