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 Camp Swift  Historical Sites  

Chandler Cemetery is located in the heart of Camp Swift. Inside the lone family plot are three graves, that of S. B. Chandler and his two sons. The Chandler Family visited Camp Swift some time ago and placed new stones at the graves. The graves have a fence around them and Camp Swift has erected a chain link to further protect the tiny cemetery.

Also within Camp Swift are the remnants of the Aussilloux House and Winery. All that remains are the stone steps into the cellar, some joists, a partial fireplace and a cistern. Air ducts are still evident in the upper cellar walls.

There is an area Camp Swift has chain-link fenced due to the discovery of what appears to be a lone fenced grave with some lillies appearing to have been planted in an organized fashion. Camp Swift personnel also reported finding old pottery at the scene. It is referred to as the "Mexican Cemetery."


Scott Falls was a wonderful surprise. It is composed of a dam creating a stunning waterfall and a delightful "swimming hole." Camp Swift personnel commented they welcome the public to enjoy the area, but are concerned about the increasing vandalism including graffiti. For information regarding the Scott Falls Clean-up and Preservation Project, click here.

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