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Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery - Elgin

The cemetery is located on part of the original land grant of Thomas Christian, the first husband of Mary Christian Burleson and one of the original settlers in the area. Thanks to the efforts of William Angie Smith and others, the Texas Historical Commission has approved a historical marker to be placed in the easement of Red Town Road, near the Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery, to acknowledge and to recognize this history of this site. Special thanks to Commissioner Donna Snowden of the BCHC for her assistance!

Siloah Cemetery - McDade

Little has been published about Siloah Cemetery; however, the documents surrounding the land and establishment of the cemetery fill many files. Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Linda Hicks of McDade, the Texas Historical Commission (THC) has approved an application for a historical marker to acknowledge this cemetery's history. 

Leshikar Home - Smithville

The Leshikar Family home as it appears today, beautifully restored and, thanks to the efforts of Faith Franklin, is awaiting its historical marker from the Texas Historical Commission (THC).


Rosanky Cemetery - Rosanky

Galynn Fogle, manager of the Rosanky Cemetery Association, contacted the Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC) to ask for help in securing a historical marker to acknowledge its history. The Texas Historical Commission as approved the marker. The BCHC is awaiting the first draft of the proposed inscription.

Paige Private School Society

August Fuchs of Paige pursued a historical marker for the Paige Private School Society to acknowledged the efforts of these individuals in creating a new school for the community. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) approved the application and submitted an inscription for review. The inscription has been revised. 


Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church

For more than 117 years, the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church has served as a cornerstone in this community of Smithville. This landmark church was founded on June 22, 1900 when the trustees of the Missionary Baptist Church purchased the property from E. H. Eagleston. The church, located at the corner of S.W. 4th and Walker streets got its name from Deacon Jordan White. Carol Snyder and David Herrington are assisting church staff in applying for a historical marker.


Saul Wright Cemetery - Cedar Creek

The Wright Cemetery Association has begun the process of applying for historical designation for the Wright Cemetery with the end goal of receiving a historical marker to acknowledge the cemetery's history. The BCHC is working with Pamela Jones and has initiated the application which is awaiting approval by the Association.


Lower Elgin Road Bridge - Elgin

The Lower Elgin Road Bridge carried traffic continuously from 1888 until it was bypassed and decommissioned in 1997. The bridge served as an important connection point between rural communities near the Colorado River and the regional shipping hub of Elgin. Upon its decommissioning, the Pratt truss was restricted to sole pedestrian use and remained open to the public until severe flooding damaged the structure’s deck system in 2015. Through the efforts of a dedicated committee, it was restored in 2018.


The Lower Elgin Road Bridge is one of a few Pratt through truss bridges remaining in Texas, a once common type, popular in the state from the 1880s to the 1910s. The bridge is nominated under Criterion A in the area of Transportation at the local level for association with local transportation infrastructure development and service as an important local thoroughfare in Bastrop County. It is also nominated under Criterion C, in the area of Engineering, at the state level of significance as an excellent and rare nineteenth century example of a pin-connected Pratt type bridge. The bridge retains a high level of all seven aspects of integrity.

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