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Compiled April 2019 for the City of Elgin Preservation Committee

Note: Cemeteries with an asterisk (*) were visited and photographed.

The following cemeteries, in alphabetical order, are located within Bastrop County in or near Elgin:


Butler Brick Company Cemetery

Butler, Texas near Elgin

Size: Small

Cemetery not accessible / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: 30.31194, -97.2828


With central operations at a 1,000-acre site in Butler, five miles east of Elgin, and sales headquarters in Austin, the Butler Brick Company is a fifth-generation family-owned business that ships bricks nationwide and internationally. In 1871 the Texas and New Orleans Railroad arrived at the site in Bastrop County, and the community that grew up came to be known as Butler, after an Irish immigrant bricklayer, Michael Butler, who was the first to make bricks from the nearby clay pits that he discovered by accident while digging holes on land then used for timber. The company was founded in 1873. Over the years Butler became a company town with a company store and brick houses for employees, who farmed on the side. By the 1940s the town population reached 150.

Collected information about the company does not mention the cemetery; however it may be assumed those buried at Butler Brick Cemetery either worked at the nearby company or were family members of those affiliated with the company in some way.

Courthouse death records indicate several burials in this cemetery. According to the Cemeteries of Texas website, there are 10 gravesites dating 1928 to 1930:


Coates Cemetery

Lower Elgin Road

Size: Small

Cemetery not found / Photo by Kenneth Felps

GPS Coordinates: 30.2197600, -97.4136000


According to online information, the Coates Cemetery is on Lower Elgin Road, on right if coming from Elgin; north of Cedarwood Road, inside a chain link fence near Wilbarger Creek Bridge. The cemetery is an area 30’ deep and 42’ wide enclosed by a chain link fence. The cemetery is on private property about 25 feet from Lower Elgin River but has been left accessible from the public road by a gate in the chain link fence.


Although no markers containing the name Coats appear in this cemetery, all grave sites are for members of the family of William and Sarah Coats: a married daughter, Anna M. McGinnis; a son-in-law, Joseph G Gresham; a young grandson, J. R. Rivers; an adult granddaughter, Mary J. Wilson; three infant great-grandchildren, all last name Blair; and one adult great-grandson, Willie Sandifer.

In a conversation with Steve Rivers, the great, great, great grandson of William and Sarah Coats, Rivers explained that William and Sarah Coats were also originally buried in the Coats family cemetery and were later moved to the Elgin cemetery (Rivers 2015).


Contributed by Tammy Owen, Aug 18, 2000. Total records = 7: From Bastrop, take Highway 71 west, FM 969 NW, right on FM 55. The cemetery will be on the right in chain link fence.

  • Blair, Martha Margaret, b. 1/4/1877, d. 1/12/1877, child of John W and Anna B. Gresham Blair)

  • Blair, Thomas Joseph, b. 2/2/1875, d. 12/27/1876, child of J.W. & A.E. Blair

  • Gresham, J.G., b. 8/22/1816, d.?/15/1862, Husband of M.L. Gresham. Mason

  • McGinnis, Anna M, b. 10/1/1833, d. 11/13/1869, Age 36 yrs 1 mo 12 days, w/o O.H.P. McGinnis

  • Riverse, J.R., b. 10/26/1861, d. 11/25/1865, Age 1 yr 27 days. son of W. & S.E. Riverse

  • Sandifer, Willie, b. 1875, d. 1902

  • Wilson, Martha J., b. 7/15/1849, d. 12/5/1872, w/o J. M. Wilson


The Old Coates Slave Cemetery is located on this property. There are no headstones marking these graves. It was surveyed July 31, 1998.


Coulson Cemetery

FM 3000

Size: Small

Cemetery not found / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: n/a

Coulson Cemetery can be found 1.8 miles east on FM 3000. According to information found, one would turn left on pavement to find graves on the right after making the turn, under the group of trees in the corner of the pasture.


Craddock Cemetery

County Road 696

Size: Small

Cemetery not found / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: n/a

Craddock Cemetery is about four miles from McDade. From Butler, go north on County Rd 696. The cemetery is noted to be before County Road 102, to the right, and County Road 96, to the left, 10 feet from a tributary of Sandy Creek and is hidden in the woods.


Davis Cemetery

Near County Road 3000

Size: Small

Cemetery not found/internet photo, photographer unknown

GPS Coordinates: n/

*Elgin City Cemetery

901 W. 2nd Street

Size: Large / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.3487700, -97.3777


The Elgin City Cemetery is recognized with a historical marker from the Texas Historical Commission. The pristine cemetery is located in the 1000 block of West Second Street in Elgin, Texas. It is two blocks north of US Highway 290. The cemetery, near the center of the city, is the largest and perhaps the best known in the area. For more information, go to:

*Elgin Latin Cemetery

305 Ochoa Street

Size: Large / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.3358860, -97.3716750


If on Highway 290 coming from Austin to Elgin, turn right at the light at Loop 109 and Highway 290 onto Ochoa Street. The cemetery is at the end of Ochoa Street. The cemetery’s earliest burials were in 1940s and has been in continuous service for 75 years. Initially, the cemetery was formed to serve the Elgin Mexican American community because in those years cemeteries were segregated by race. Gradually, the population of Elgin became more diverse and the cemetery began to see burials of other Hispanic races. Now the Elgin Latin Cemetery serves everyone who needs their cemetery services.


Elgin Old Latin Cemetery

Elgin City Cemetery, 901 W. 2nd Street

Size: Medium

GPS Coordinates: 30.3493270, -97.3767000

Elgin Old Latin Cemetery is located just outside the northeast corner of Elgin City Cemetery. Access is from Elgin City Cemetery on West 2nd Street by a pedestrian gate by the maintenance shed for the Elgin City Cemetery. There is no sign. There are many burials unknown in the cemetery. Many of the plots are marked with tiles on which the words “love” or “soul” or just RIP have been stenciled in paint. The cemetery was formerly often overgrown but has been kept clear reliably for a couple of years as of 2018; a few of the plots show signs of regular care. The cemetery overall suffers from the effects of being on sloping ground near a small creek and having runoff from the adjacent Elgin City Cemetery rush across it during heavy rainfall. It is still an interesting and moving small cemetery.


*Hog Eye Cemetery

Aka “Old Baptist Cemetery” and/or “Old Moon Cemetery”

Size: Medium / not maintained, much overgrowth

GPS Coordinates: 30.3052099, -97.3849957

  • Recommended to be included in the City of Elgin Preservation Plan.


The Hog Eye Cemetery is located directly behind the McShan Cemetery just off Highway 1704. It is also known as the “Old Baptist Cemetery” or “Old Moon Cemetery.” The cemetery is located on Beaver Road about three miles southwest of Elgin, Bastrop, Texas. It is about 300 feet east of Farm to Market Road (FM) 1704, on the east side of the enclosed McShan Memorial Garden. A road originally ran along the east side of the cemetery but was moved to the west side of McShan Memorial Garden during road improvements. The cemetery is overgrown and only intermittently maintained. 

Perryville, also known as Young's Settlement for the post office and Hog Eye for stage stop and inn, was a nearby community that was abandoned soon after the railroad passed by two miles to the north and the current town of Elgin came into being. Although the Elgin Historical Association members agree that the original Hog Eye cemetery was plowed under, the USGS identifies the Perryville cemetery as Hog Eye Cemetery (ID 1337892, Elgin West map) and the Texas Historical Commission incorrectly references the location of the William B. Standifer historical grave marker as Hog Eye Cemetery, three (3) mi. southwest of Elgin on FM 1704. (The actual location of the William B. Standifer historical marker is about 1.1 miles to the northwest in a private cemetery also styled as Hog Eye Cemetery on the Find A Grave website.) This cemetery is also known by Moon Cemetery (for the Moon family) and Old Baptist Church Cemetery for the church that used to be at this location.


Magdaline Cemetery

Aka Elgin Steiner Ranch Cemetery, Elgin Steiner Ranch Magdaline Cemetery, Madalena Cemetery, Magdaline Cemetery, Magnolia Cemetery

Steiner Ranch

Size: Medium

Cemetery not accessible / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: 30.1883000, -30.3687000


There are at least 60 graves in this cemetery. The oldest grave appears to be that of Peter Reece who was born in 1865 and died in 1932 at the age of 66.


Mary Christian-Burleson Cemetery

Red Town Road

Size: Small, recently cleared

GPS Coordinates: 30.3700000, -97.3570000

  • Recommended to be included in the City of Elgin Preservation Plan.


The property owner(s), descendants of Mary Christian Burleson and interested residents including Commissioner Precinct 4 Donna Snowden met at the cemetery recently to clean it and prepare it for its historical marker. 

The cemetery is located on part of the original land grant of Thomas Christian, the first husband of Mary Christian-Burleson and one of the original settlers in the area. It is located on fenced private property about two miles northeast of downtown Elgin, Texas, and is not visible from the public road. The cemetery is sporadically maintained by volunteers and is fenced. For more information, go to:

*McShan Cemetery

Highway 1704

Size: Small

GPS Coordinates: 30.3056970, -97.3863960


The McShan Memorial Garden Cemetery is on South Elgin Highway 1704, directly in front of the Old Baptist Church Cemetery, also known as the Hogeye Cemetery.


Mcshan, Lucy, 5/17/1896 - 10/11/1991 - Married 9/18/1917

McShan, LeRoy, 4/4/18 - 06/11/1982

Reece, Peter Jr. 6/6/18 - 07/16/1977

Machey, Mary M.  4/26/19 - 07/05/1987


Morgan Chapel Cemetery

FM 696

Size: Small

Cemetery not found / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: 30.3391°, -97.2783° 


Old George Cemetery

FM 3000

Size: Small

Cemetery not found / No photo available

Coordinates: n/a

The following gravesites are noted for the Old George Cemetery:

Browning, Thomas H 2/26/1859 8/9/1870 Son of Alfred George and Sarah Frances Browning.

Burnam, Gealie 6/30/1879 7/18/1881 Daughter of FM and SF

Carter, C. E. Mrs 9/6/1849 7/22/1881 Clink Elizabeth nee George. Wife of A. H. Carter. Grandmother to Mozelle Carter Allen.

Carter, Infant Daughter 6/12/1879 6/12/1879, the Twin to John O. Daughter of A. H. and C. E.

Carter, Infant Son 7/25/1876 none Son of A. H. & C. E.

Carter, John O 6/12/1879 7/18/1879 Son of A. H. & C. E. shares marker with Infant Daughter and Infant Son.

George, A. A.(Allie) 10/28/1858 7/19/1892 Father of Allie. In 34 year of his age

George, John O 11/27/1862 7/27/1867 Son of Pressley E & Sarah Jane

George, Kate J 10/31/1847 5/16/1870 Daughter of P. E. and S. J.

George, Lucy 1864 1931 Sister to Click Eliz George

George, Mrs. C. E. 9/6/1849 7/22/1881 Wife of A. H. Carter

George, P. E. 2/7/1812 11/9/1898 Pressley E. Charter member of Elgin Presbyterian Church. Husb of Sarah Jane

George, Robert E 11/6/1860 8/16/1862 Son of P. E & S. J.

George, Sarah Jane 12/31/1823 10/6/1895 Wife of Pressley E. Carter

Hartfield, Juel 12/29/1897 10/13/1898

Heartfield, Infant 1890 1890 Baby.

Heartfield, Mrs M. S. 1856 1895 with Baby Heartfield


*Pee Lee SDA Cemetery

Near Potato Smith Road

Size: Medium / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.3137410, -97.2823210


Those buried in Pee Lee Cemetery include:

Arriaga, Margarita 5/7/1836 11/10/1916

Breones, D 1926 1926 unmarked

Dunks, John 3/1/1843 2/26/1934 Husband of Mary

Dunks, John J 10/22/1872 1/23/1937 Father

Dunks, Mary 3/5/1844 2/19/1922 Wife of John

Fenske, Freda Belz 12/21/1916 11/14/1983 Wife of Herbert.

Fenske, Herbert 1/20/1919 none Husband of Freda Belz Fenske

Fenske, Infant 1968 none Inf of David Fenske Family

Fenske, Infant Dau 9/22/1963 9/22/1963 Daughter of David & Penny

Fenske, Roy Lee 5/24/1952 10/28/1953

Frenska, Dan To Be Found To Be Found Need to Locate

Goodlett, Berniece 1902 1935

Goodlett, Ira T 9/20/1905 2/7/1956

Goodlett, Lorene 7/1/1916 none

Goodlett, Mary Susie 1878 1918

Goodlett, William C 1876

Jensen, Albek J 3/28/1859 3/26/1942 Father. Husband of Louisa A

Jensen, Elfreda

Jensen, Helen M 1903 1962 Wife of Ralph.

Jensen, Louisa A 1/24/1869 6/20/1952 Mother

Jensen, Michael Thomas 9/26/1973 9/7/1974

Jensen, Ralph Nels. 1897 1/10/1970 Husband of Helen. Husband of Mamie

Klages, John C. F. Jr 1/23/1882 9/4/1964 Fritz

Laucks, Frank 7/9/1844 12/27/1936 B. Mohauk Valley, NY. 92y 5m 18d. Husband of Bertha Zett.

Paenitz, Fay Wanda 2/27/1937 8/2/1965 Wife of Delbert

Saenz, Evlalio 4/15/1939 7/23/1939

Saenz, Irma 10/23/1947 8/14/1948

Smith, Gladys Daughter of H. N.

Smith, Harold Noren 1898 1977

Smith, Infant Son Oct-23 10/1/1923 Son of H. N. & Vesta

Smith, Timothy Chris 5/26/194? 10/9/1966

Smith, Vesta 9/25/1904 4/12/1940 Wife of Harold Noren

Stifflemire, Larry Gene 10/10/1964 12/8/1972

Tamez, Maria P 1925 1926 unmarked.

Wofford, John H 5/22/1883 1/20/1978 Papa. Husband of Jonny Anna

Wofford, Jonny Anna 6/1897 1/25/1935 Mama. Wife of John H

Wofford, Lulu Beatrice 3/12/1924 5/3/1927


*Pleasant Grove Cemetery

229 Pleasant Grove Loop

Size: Large / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.3833523, -97.3153534


This scenic cemetery is located in Pleasant Grove near Elgin. There are approximately 900 graves in the cemetery.


Reneau-Johnson Elgin



*Sayers Cemetery

Aka Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Sayersville Cemetery

1838 Sayers Road, Bastrop

Size: Medium / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.2338000, -97.3275600


The historic Sayersville Cemetery is in the community of Sayersville which boasts a history of lignite mining. The town was once the center of activity for farmers, minors and brick factory employees from nearby Lasher. The cemetery is next to the Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church on Sayers Road between Bastrop and Elgin.


Smith Cemetery

1080 Red Town Road

Size: Unknown

Cemetery not found / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: 30.3708000, -97.3589020


Speir Cemetery

Speir Lane

Size: Medium / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.2716999, -97.4141998


Speir Cemetery is located just outside of Elgin at the deadend of Speir Lane. The first grave appears to be that of Thomas “Tommie” Speir, who was born in 1866 and died in 1870. A prominent grave belongs to Seaborn Jones Speir, Sr., who was born in Alabama in 1832 and died October 14 in 1899 at the age of 67.


Standifer Family Cemetery

Aka Hog Eye Cemetery, William B. Standifer gravesite

Monkey Road

Size: Small

Cemetery not accessible / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: 30.3152190, -97.3998710


This cemetery is located on private property.

Syfret Family Cemetery


Size: Small

Cemetery not accessible / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: n/a


*Westbrook Memorial Gardens

Aka Mount Moriah Cemetery, Westbrook Cemetery

Large / currently well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.3556700, -97.3536900


There are more than 500 graves at Westbrook Memorial Gardens.


Wilson Cemetery

Coon Neck S. Elgin 55

Size: Small

Cemetery not found / No photo available

GPS Coordinates: 301512N, 0972327W


Turn right after entering the subdivision. Go over bridge, past Campfire road. Cemetery is located on the right side of the road near an electric pole between lots 87 and 88.


*Youngs Prairie Cemetery

Aka Yegua Creek Evangelical Free Church Cemetery

1200 Co Rd 466

Size: Large / well maintained

GPS Coordinates: 30.2908001, -97.3993988


Graves at the Young’s Prairie Cemetery date to the 1870s. From Hwy 290 in Elgin, go south (right) on FM 1704. Turn left at the light before the overpass, right on the access lane, right on 1704. Go about 3.7 miles, turn right on Young's Prairie Road. The cemetery is located @1/2 mile. There are well over 600 graves at this cemetery, making it one of the larger ones in Bastrop County. Surveyed 7/15/1999.


*Visited and photographed by the Bastrop County Historical Commission (BCHC) in 2019.

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