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  Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church 

Mr. Pilgrim Baptist Church congregation seeks historical marker

Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, Smithville

By the staff of Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church

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For more than 117 years, the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church has served as a cornerstone in this community of Smithville. This landmark church was founded on June 22, 1900 when the trustees of the Missionary Baptist Church purchased the property from E. H. Eagleston. The church, located at the corner of S.W. 4th and Walker streets got its name from Deacon Jordan White.


Shortly afterward, Pastor L. W. Mackey oversaw the building of a church house. According to the church’s historical records, the work was done “under the hands of the deacons, Brother L. Weston, Brother William Hall and Brother J. R. Price.” The total cost of construction to build the first church was $75, according to the records.


Today, a bell tower, which was recently put back into use, dominates the classic white, wood-framed church. As the bell rings through the neighborhood on Sunday mornings, as the congregation enters the sanctuary they are bathed in a radiant light from the large stained-glass windows.


Church records tell the story of a new church under construction in 1904 under the Rev. P. R. McGriff and Secretary Nellie Noland.


The Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, 409 Walker Street, Smithville, Texas

The church members held many fundraisers at that time, making a variety of homemade pies, fried chicken and other dishes to raise funds for the construction, which took 10 years. After many years of faithful service, the first building had served its purpose; a new building was erected in 1914. The new church building costs was $1,800 and was paid to C. H. Turney, lumberman and builder, in 24 notes at $475 per year with interest at 10 percent.


Today, when visitors enter through the foyer under the bell tower, they view the sanctuary at an angle that draws them down toward the center, focusing attention on the pulpit. This unique vantage point is due to the foundation of the church, which was built almost 100 years ago. The builders used handcrafted brick columns, which were stacked and shaved at an angle and then framed with 4×6 inch lumber. By using this method, they created a floor with a slope that gives everyone in the congregation a clear view of the pulpit – a classic theater-style seating arrangement.


By Aug. 2, 1920, all notes and interest had been paid in full, “and with satisfaction, with no lien or judgment against this property.”


A quote from the church’s history said, “The members felt they must have been led by the guiding hand of God and realized that God does all things well.”


A church annex, including a pastor’s study, two restrooms, kitchen and dining area, were added on June 2, 1957. Major renovations to the sanctuary were also made at that time, adding a baptistery, pulpit furniture, communion table, central heating, air conditioning and theater seating. The work was done under the leadership of Rev. R. L. Elder and “an able deacon board, missionary sisters, the Sunday school and other auxiliaries of the church.
Rev. W. H. Carrington who served from 1980 to 1982, under his leadership the church annex was air conditioned,  and the stained window restored, kitchen and restroom was remodeled. After he resigned  Rev. L.K. Williams was called to serve from  1982  to 1996, under his leadership the membership grew tremendously, a handicap ramp was added, church was painted,  roof and ceiling was repaired. 

After 14 years of service, he resigned. The church recognize Sis. Willie Charles Oliver who served as church Secretary for many many years. The church calls Rev Henry L. Taylor, he served from 1997 to 1999, immediately after he left  The Rev. Herbert L. Rogers served as interim Pastor until Rev. Barry Williams was called and served from 2000 to 2010 after he left Rev. Exie Henry served as interim Pastor.  


Mount Pilgrim’s role in the community can be seen in the Smithville Community Gardens program, which has grown to become a role model for a successful community project and it was started at this church.


The late municipal judge Clarence Culberson, a long-time member of the church was replaced by Ronald Jones as the new chairman, they talked about how they could not only benefit the church, but everyone in the community. The Deacons came up with the idea of a garden. People could come and pick vegetables and it would be free. The men took the idea to the congregation. The response was positive and the church gave the men $300 as seed money. Sis. Inez Green, a member of the congregation, donated a lot across from the church to build the garden. Since the seed was first planted, eight additional gardens have been planted, and a board of directors has been established.


Besides its very long history, the church has provided a stabilizing force in the community. The church has long been a gathering place and has provided a place for larger gatherings and funerals due to its size. It is important to our community.


In July 2011 Pastor Ronnie L. Holt Jr. was elected the Pastor of the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church.  Under his leadership, the church congregation has grown tremendously, spiritually as well as physically. This growth is the result of sound biblical principles and expository preaching-teaching based upon connecting the community to Christ,  through the word of God. Deacon Kirk Martin painted the baptismal pool and designed a youth center for future growth. The deacon purchased the lot behind the church in 2016 to prepare for the future.

Pastor Ronnie Holt resigned in September 2017, The Deacon then reorganized the board and voted Daniel Jones as chairman and Willie B. Williams co-chairman of the deacon board and they made Deacon McGregor a honorary deacon for his service over 40 years to this church. They selected Rev. Exie Henry as Interim Pastor. She has maintain the church spiritually and physically from October 2016 to March 2017. Though her guidance, the church, Councilmen Bill Gordon and the help of RVIC'S organization,  restored the old wood around the fellowship hall and replaced windows,  and painted the outside annex. The Deacon's installed new air conditioners in the fellowship hall, they installed a vanity in the woman's restroom.


Through prayer and fasting the church was blessed with Pastor William Brown and Sis. Angel Brown to lead and shepherd Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church on April 1, 2017. He has brought the church to a higher level of praise and worship, ministry's are getting the extra help through Pastor Brown's vision.

Under his leadership and the help of Councilmen Bill Gordon, our church was blessed with new flooring in the foyer, pastor study, and the fellowship hall.  This work was done through the youth volunteers of Highland Park United Methodist Church youth Department. The Deacons had carpet installed in the sanctuary that gave it a inviting look.

Pastor Brown's focus is on outreach ministry and feeding the people the word of God, so we can reach the lost souls. We are connecting the community to Christ through the word of God.

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