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Mastadon Bone and Rock Display - Smithville

Mrs. Ruth Stalmach Whitehead also donated this massive 50,000-year-old mastodone bone, which was found near the Colorado River just west of Smithville, to the Smithville Public Library for permanent display in honor of her father, Johnny Stalmach, who found and preserved many Smithville area artifacts for the benefit of future generations.


McDade's Ancient Oak

The Texas Historic Tree Coalition has accepted this ancient oak in McDade as a significant tree worthy of recognition. The Coalition is passionate about bringing the story of significant trees to the public. We are a coalition of volunteers who seek the best information available from historians, arborists, archaeologists, anthropologists, environmentalists, and other experts in relevant fields. They strive to be the go-to group for people who need resources and help in recognizing historic trees in their communities.

McDade Ancient Oak.jpg

BOOK: Elgin - More Stories, Etc.

The Elgin Historical Association has written several books with nostalgic stories written by local residents. They are the perfect gift for those who remember Elgin in its early days and those who simply enjoy reading heartwarming stories of life in a small Texas town. Books are $20 each. To purchase, contact the Elgin Historical Museum at 512.285.2000.


Post 533 4D Warplane - Bastrop

The F4D Jet "Go Fund Me" page read, "It has come time that we must invest a considerable amount to repaint and refurnish this 'Lady.' Together, local businesses and the community raised nearly $20,000 to restore the jet to its original beauty and to recognize its contribution to the United States.


Smithville Possibilities Mural

This mural project depicts the people, places and events which have brought Smithville from its first settler, Dr. Thomas Jefferson Gazley, in 1827, to the wonderful city we are proud to call home today. 


William and Elizabeth Smith Gravesites

Recently, during fence work and other work being done on his property near Smithville, owner George McMahan had the area cleaned around the graves of William and Elizabeth Smith, for whom Smithville is named. He also built a new and lovely white fence to better protect the graves. 


Shiloah Community - Barnett Cemetery

Barnett is a Black cemetery located behind and across the deep eroded creek from the Shiloh Cemetery in the Shiloh Community off of Hwy 20. It is untended, abandoned and has a partitioned fence in the center of the cemetery. Commissioner Mel Hamner is seeking assistance to restore this cemetery and to pursue a historical marker to acknowledge its history.


Scott Falls at Camp Swift

The vandalism is a cause for concern for Cole and the future of the Falls. There has been a complete denuding of one bank next to the dam that was once covered with vegetation. Residents fear the loss of vegetation will leave the dam vulnerable to erosion from heavy rains and can envision a danger of losing the dam completely. Vegetation is needed to stabilize the soil. The more people who come will naturally decrease the vegetation. People using the area also create fire pits. The graffiti is nothing more than a complete assault on the historic site and it has only gotten worse over time.


Wood Beltran Building - Elgin

This building, constructed around 1895, was the location of Dr. William Wood’s medical practice early in the 20th century. Harvard McCloud operated a pharmacy for Dr. Wood on the ground floor. The soda fountain in this store was a popular meeting place during and after World War II. (The bus station for Camp Swift was next door.) The pharmacy was taken over by Charles Ramsey who later moved his business to 115 N. Main Street. There have been many tenants since then. The building is a fine example of Elgin’s early brick architecture.

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