Barnett Cemetery   

Directions: Take Hwy 71 West from Bastrop to Hwy 20, turn left on Hwy 20 and go 1.3 miles turn left, go 0.2 miles. Turn right the gate to Siloah Cemetery is 0.3 miles. This cut off section, called Barnett Cemetery, is across the deep ravine behind the Shiloh Cemetery.

No roads lead to this cutoff section. NOTE: This cemetery is on private property.


A toppled and unmarked gravestone in a patch of woods in Bastrop County. Michael Minasi/Reporting Texas.


A ravine showing apparent signs of erosion near a number of unmarked graves in Bastrop County. Michael Minasi/Reporting Texas. 

Bastrop County Commissioner Seeks Historical Marker for Barnett Cemetery


This is a Black cemetery located behind and across the deep eroded creek from the Shiloh Cemetery in the Shiloh Community off of Hwy 20. It is untended, abandoned and has a partitioned fence in the center of the cemetery. This property was once owned by Jim and Jack Barnett, who donated land for the cemetery. Presently it is divided into an east side and a west side. The east side was once owned by Artie Moore, who gave or sold his interest to Lloyd Ketha, who is now deceased. Apparently Mr. Ketha, at some point, placed the fence through the middle of the property.1

1 Written by Audren Rother following research of Bastrop County Courthouse records.


Precinct 1 Commissioner Mel Hamner leads the effort to restore and recognize this historic cemetery.

Click here to read the article, "Disappearing Black Cemetery in Bastrop County Provides Link to Past."

Surveyed March 19, 1986 by Clyde Reynolds, Evelyn Wolf, Hilda Neidig and Audrey Rother.


Burials in the two parts are:

Black,M -/- (east side)

Davis, Arley J. - / - (west side)

Dixon, Autie Jackson or Jackson,

  Artie Dixon (east side)

Fultz, Vinie 12-1-1865/12-03-1900,

  wife of Bedford (west side) Hall,

Isiah Sr. / 1924 age 94

Jackson, Daniel - / - (west side) 

Mack, Jenette - / - (west side)

Shiloh cam. Miller, Jessie

  (wife of Allen Miller) (east side)

Southsaw, Johnnie (east side)

  (shot by Dub Milton—

  Clyde Reynolds 3-19-1986)

Staples, Amanda /06-02-1882

  age 92 (west side)

Walker, August /10-31-1924


  (east side) 

Wright, Albert

11-13-1892/06-06-1913 (east side)

14 unmarked graves noted on the west side. 

8 unmarked graves noted on the east side and probably many lost graves.

Barnett Map.jpg

Original map drawn by Audrey Rother. Redrawn by Cindye Ginsel.