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THE SMITHVILLE HERITAGE SOCIETY, 602 Main Street, Smithville, Texas

Call 830-839-4080

The mission of the Smithville Heritage Society is to preserve, protect and educate Smithville’s rich history. Located in a Classic Revival, two story house built in 1908, this museum features artifacts and local archives of Smithville history. Museum volunteers are happy to help you research Smithville area history, your family history, or history of homes and businesses in Smithville. Archives open Tuesday mornings, 10 a.m. to Noon, or by appointment. Tours of the downtown or residential historic districts are available virtually anytime, but arrangements must be made prior to your visit.

The Smithville Heritage Society was organized in 1975. The 1908 house was donated to the society so that artifacts and archives could be stored and displayed. Several years later, a metal building was built in the backyard to actually store the archives and provide office space.


Artifacts Collections:

  • Farming & ranching tools, barb wire collection - late 1800s to 1970s

  • Sewing - 1910s to present

  • Cooking, miscellaneous utensils - 1900 to 1950s

  • Iron collection - 1800s to 1950s

  • Carpentry tools - 1920s

  • Furniture - early 1900s to present

  • Photos of business district - early 1900s to present

The museum collects its local newspaper; any family genealogy; family biographies; local MKT RR history, including employment records and lodge books from the railroad; school history;club and organizations in town plus church histories. The museum also has some local military history. The museum also includes small surrounding towns in its archives. This section includes photos from all the above categories. The museum also gathers business histories. Click here to learn more about the Smithville Heritage Society.

Click here for a self-guided walking tour of historic downtown Smithville.

Click here to read "Four Horsemen of the Texas Apocalyse" by David Herrington.


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